Visiting Stonehenge with Children

What can you expect?

Visiting Stonehenge is a fantastic day out to do with the kids, and the attraction has it all. From a history of Stonehenge that’ll have their imaginations running riot, to plenty of space to enjoy your visit your own way and more mystery than your average Harry Potter film, Stonehenge is perfect for that family adventure.

A child at Stonehenge taking a picture of the stone circle
A wonderful photo of a child at Stonehenge taking a picture for the memory bank.

Fun things for children at Stonehenge

English Heritage has ensured that every part of the visiting Stonehenge experience is just as much fun for kids as it is for mums and dads, and it’s the little touches that make the difference, such as low-level displays throughout the exhibition space in the visitor centre to make sure they can take everything in without craning and needing to be picked up. Speaking of picking up, there are plenty of spots where the younger visitors are welcome to get to grips with artefacts and objects, as you’ll find replicas for handling around the attraction.

Activity Packs for kids

Look out for the children’s activity packs available in the gift shop, and not only are they genius in that they bring the site to life for little ones, but they’ll even keep them occupied on the journey back…perfect!

Audio Guides

As one of the most intriguing landmarks in the world, there’s no reason that a visit to Stonehenge shouldn’t be one the kids will remember. The family audio tour’s been specially put together to make sure younger members of the family learn all about the history of Stonehenge, theories and celebrations that make Stonehenge such an exciting place to spend time as they make their way around the attraction.

Practical bits to ensure a happy child on your visit!

With so much history and intrigue to keep their minds whirring, the kids are bound to work up appetites that’d do the Neolithic folk proud, and there are a few options for when tummies start to rumble.

Eating at Stonehenge

The café caters for children with children’s portions or special children’s lunchboxes, (all very healthy we might add), and there are high chairs available for those of you with infants. If you need milk or food warming for a baby just ask the staff as they’re happy to do it for you. If you’d rather dine al fresco and enjoy the site of the Stone Circle, you’re welcome to enjoy a picnic either at one of the picnic benches or on the surrounding land during the summer.

Toilets at Stonehenge

Now, Stonehenge may look very far from the nearest loos to those of you who are no strangers to the dreaded “I need the loo” scenario, but rest assured there are lots of toilets in the English Heritage visitor centre. Just bear in mind that the centre’s a mile and a half from the Stone Circle, so make sure they’ve been before you set off.

Walking at Stonehenge

If you don’t think the smaller members of the family will be up for the walk to and from the Stone Circle, don’t worry, there’s a free shuttle bus to ferry you straight from the visitor centre to the stones, so they can save their energy until they’re ready to let off steam.

Things to do with Children near Stonehenge

There are also many great things to do near Stonehenge that will keep your kids entertained for a few hours. For example, from Avebury, which is just like Stonehenge, but you can actually touch the Stones. You also have Truxton Go Kart Centre, where your kids will love racing against the grown-ups. You can also visit Bath and the famous Roman Baths – there are so many things you can see and do near Stonehenge, so you don’t have to travel all the way there and that be the only thing you do. 

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