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Not sure where to stay taking a trip to Stonehenge? Let us offer some recommendations for places to stay conveniently close to Stonehenge – whether you are looking for cheap hotels near Stonehenge or bed and breakfasts to spa hotels slightly further away. This way, you can enjoy the unique wonder of Stonehenge while enjoying the Salisbury Plains and why not also enjoy some of the fine pubs near Stonehenge for an evening meal?

Stonehenge Inn at Stonehenge
Check out the top 10 places to stay near Stonehenge, including iconic Stonehenge Inn above.
Holiday Inn Salisbury-Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

6 miles (11 mins drive)



Holiday Inn Salisbury-Stonehenge

One of the most popular Stonehenge hotels nearby is the four-star Holiday Inn Salisbury-Stonehenge hotel on the outskirts of Amesbury, only a few miles from the stone circle. The hotel provides a Stonehenge experience package that includes lodging, admission to the monument, and dinner at the hotel’s Solstice Bar and Grill.
Enjoy a filling breakfast buffet at the Solstice Bar & Grill before returning later for some excellent steak or Mediterranean fare. Their heated patio is a terrific place for outside eating or cocktails after a conference. Their cosy, double-glazed bedrooms are furnished with attractive decor, Smart TVs, and various pillows to aid sleep and includes free parking.

Fairlawn House near Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

5 miles (10 mins drive)



Fairlawn House

Only two miles from the famous landmark of Stonehenge, Fairlawn House is a family-run inn located in a lovely Georgian townhouse classified on the Grade II list. They strive to offer a warm greeting and friendly, competent service to ensure your stay is as pleasurable as possible. The decor and furnishings of the guest rooms are a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, and they provide all the necessities you’d need while travelling. In addition, they have a nice, cosy cellar area where they provide a variety of continental-style buffet foods in addition to hot breakfasts that are all freshly prepared to request and free parking onsite.

Rollestone Manor Bed and Breakfast near Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

1.7 miles (3 mins drive)



Rollestone Manor Bed and Breakfast

Cyrille and Paula are the owners of Rollestone Manor Bed & Breakfast and Restaurant, caring for the Smith family’s lovely grade II listed home. They warmly welcome visitors from all over, and both domestic and foreign visitors frequently have Stonehenge in common. There are so many other unique sites to see nearby and a little farther out. Both “old” and “new” visitors are eagerly anticipated in Wiltshire, Shrewton, and the Rollestone Manor.

The Stones Hotel near Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

8.2 miles (14 mins drive)



The Stones Hotel

The Stones Hotel is situated in the rolling Wiltshire countryside on the outskirts of Salisbury, a cathedral city. They are the ideal rural escape since they are only a short distance from the Stonehenge World Heritage Site and only 15 miles from the New Forest National Park. The Stones Hotel is an example of best practices in green and sustainable hotel operations, earning a “silver” rating from Green Tourism. Their ecologically friendly water, filtered on-site from the water table under the hotel, is just one example of The Stones Hotel’s commitment to preserving eco-friendly and renewable resources, which makes it one of our preferred Stonehenge hotels.

The Stonehenge Inn hear Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

4.7 miles (8 mins drive)



The Stonehenge Inn

Welcome to the Stonehenge Inn, the nearest hotel to the prehistoric structure known as Stonehenge, a World Heritage Site. Mini Stonehenge, an actual reproduction of Stonehenge that you may visit up close, is located in our well-known inn. They have a fantastic 2 for £22 menu; kids dine for just £1 deal, rental rooms, Shepherds Huts, an 1885 railroad car, and a wishing well on the property. They are a flexible location perfect for holding work events, family get-togethers, light lunches, and live sporting events.

Gray Manor Hotel near Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

9.7 miles (13 mins drive)



Gray Manor Hotel

The award-winning family team owns and operates the quirky, stylish, warm, and welcoming Gray Manor Hotel, close to Andover, is entirely dedicated to providing exceptional personal service and delivering a unique and unforgettable guest experience. Their secret is a special blend of uniqueness, top-notch design, usability, and, most importantly, exceptional customer service, aiming to surpass guests’ expectations. So whether you’re visiting Gray Manor for a wedding, party, wake, conference, business, or local pleasure, they promise you’ll have a terrific time.

Camping and Glamping near Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

3 miles (6 mins drive)



Stonehenge Campsite and Glamping

Welcome to Stonehenge Campsite and Glamping Pods, the multi-award winning family-run park, ideally situated close to Stonehenge and the ideal touring base for South Wiltshire, Dorset & Hampshire. Come and enjoy your “summer holiday” on a double-decker bus right in the heart of Wiltshire on the award-winning campsite & Award-winning Glamping with 3 new awards won in 2020 for their glamping.

Premier Inn Hotel near Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

10.8 miles (20 mins drive)



Premier Inn Hotel Salisbury North Bishopdown

If you are looking for cheap hotels then the Premier Inn Hotel Salisbury North Bishopdown is a legendary place to stay close to Stonehenge and historic Salisbury. Take in the fresh country air or fly down to the south coast with excellent transportation options. Additionally, if you’re visiting for business, places like Porton Down are nearby. At the Cathedral, immerse yourself in the culture of Salisbury. Learn about the legends surrounding giants, magic, and even the occasional UFO at Stonehenge. Or go to Salisbury Racecourse and watch your favourite horse enter the race. Then, take the next available home-direct route back to their delectable restaurant for a fantastic night’s rest in your comfortable bed.

Milford Hall near Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

9.1 miles (17 mins drive)



Milford Hall Hotel

Enjoy a staycation at the Milford Hall Hotel and Spa, a boutique luxury hotel located in the centre of Salisbury’s historic district and the ideal vacation for adults. Enjoy the tranquil Lime Tree Spa’s holistic wellness services while dining at the onsite Milano Restaurant Salisbury. Couples seeking the perfect staycation may see Salisbury Cathedral and other top Wiltshire sites at Milford Hall Hotel and Spa Salisbury. The 45 luxury bedrooms in the family-owned Georgian manor home, some of which have four-poster beds, elaborate fireplaces, freestanding bathtubs, and the modern addition, all have flat-screen TVs with free view channels and tea and coffee-making facilities. The rooms include enough workspace and complimentary Wi-Fi for business travellers.

Howards House Hotel near Stonehenge

Distance from Stonehenge:

12.3 miles (18 mins drive)



Howards House Hotel

A picturesque Wiltshire village’s centre is home to the privately owned and operated country house hotel, Howard’s House. Teffont Evias is tucked away in beautiful isolation, far from the busyness of the major highways and a world apart from the routine. Fine food, an inspired cellar and a genuinely warm welcome from proprietors whose pride and passion shine through every aspect of their hospitality. Experience “English cookery at its best” and a seasonal table. To bring forth the actual flavour of quality, fresh food itself, locally obtained or homegrown foods are served up to diners when they are at their seasonal peak.

Staying in one of our hotels near Stonehenge and want a cheap ticket to see the Stones?

Explore inside the Stone circle
Explore inside the Stone circle

Adults from: £20

Discount Stonehenge Ticket

If you are staying near to Stonehenge with your own transport, then don’t forget you can pre-book your tickets online and get a discount, plus 24-hour cancellation policy.

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