Stonehenge Gift Shop: A Useful Guide for Visitors

Is there a gift shop at Stonehenge?

With over a million visitors to Stonehenge every year and a visitor centre that cost nearly £27m, there is also a gift shop at Stonehenge. With all sorts of Stonehenge gifts for you to buy for yourself or friends and family. 

The gift shop at Stonehenge
The gift shop at Stonehenge

Where is the gift shop located?

The gift shop is located opposite the entrance to Stonehenge where you purchase tickets to see the Ancient Stones. 

What can be found at the gift shop?

The Stonehenge gift shop offers a wide range of Stonehenge memorabilia and information. From pencils and rubbers to jewellery and clothing and all sorts of accessories that come with Stonehenge on them. There is something for everyone within the shop in terms of taste and budget. 

Inside view of the Stonehenge gift shop
Inside view of the Stonehenge gift shop

The gift shop at Stonehenge wasn’t willing to share this information with us when we asked. However, we do love the Stonehenge Salt and Pepper pots they have on offer for £10 which we think are a nice memento of the time someone might spend at Stonehenge.

Is it free to visit the gift shop?

While it is not free to visit Stonehenge, it is free to visit the gift shop. So you don’t have to have a ticket to Stonehenge to be able to roam the shop if you are simply just passing by and wanting to stop in. 

Can I purchase items from the gift shop online?

You can purchase items from the English Heritage website store as well as in the shop at Stonehenge. There may be differences in offering at the time, but generally, if you have seen in it the shop at Stonehenge you will be able to purchase it online if you have buyers regret after you have left. 

What are the opening hours for the gift shop?

The gift shop operates the same opening and closing times as the main Stonehenge attraction, so just look at the main opening times in order to find out when to visit the gift shop if you are wanting to pop by. 

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