Stonehenge Tours from London – Discounts & Entrances Included offers a variety of guided tours to Stonehenge, with pickups from central London and luxury coach travel as well as your Stonehenge tickets included. We have a variety of tours to Stonehenge that will bring to life this ancient wonder and where you can get up close to the ancient Stone circle. Our Stonehenge tours also include tickets to Windsor Castle, the Roman Baths, a walking tour of Stonehenge, and the opportunity to travel from Bath through the Cotswolds to Stratford after visiting a Unesco World Heritage Site. All tour tickets have a full cancellation policy up to 24 hours in advance! Travel is onboard one of our luxury air-conditioned coaches with wifi on board and USB charging.

What is included in all our Stonehenge Tours from London

Central London Pick Up

Pick up and drop off from a central London location in a state-of-the-art air-conditioned coach.

All Entrance Tickets Included

All entrances are included including your Stonehenge admission tickets and access to the Stonehenge Visitor Centre.

Instant Online E-Tickets

Online e-ticket so you can get your Stonehenge ticket immediately and not worry about a printer.

Flexibility With Changes

Along with the lowest prices online you can also get free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to travel.

Stonehenge sunset

If you want to visit Stonehenge with our partner sightseeing tour company, you will be happy to know that your full-day trip from London (or half-day) will include the following to ensure you have a comfortable and safe experience.

Stonehenge Express Tour

Adults: £68 Child: £58

Our popular half-day tour…

Direct Stonehenge Express Tour from London

This unique tour of the world’s most famous Neolithic stone circle is ideal for those who do not have time but still want to visit. With access and return tickets from central London and a multilingual audio guide to Stonehenge, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a stress-free experience in this famous location.

Windsor Castle part of the Stonehenge Tour

Adults: £99 Child: £89

Our most popular full-day tour…

Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tour

You cannot leave London without completing this best-selling London Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath Tour! Check out the most beautiful Georgian city in England. Your tour includes a visit to Windsor Castle, a visit to the famous Roman Baths and Pump Rooms and Stonehenge of course.

Stonehenge sunrise at Solstace

Adults: £95 Child: £85

Two of our most popular destinations in one tour…

Stonehenge and Bath Tour

Two of our most popular destinations for trips together! Spend half a day in the beautiful Roman city of Bath, take a walking tour with our guide where you can see the Roman Baths and then spend an afternoon in the miracle of Stonehenge! Travelling from central London on a luxury bus and accompanied by a professional and knowledgeable travel guide, this really is a great way to spend the day.

Oxford City while visiting Stonehenge

Adults: £69 Child: £59

A scenic tour of the UK…

Windsor, Stonehenge and Oxford Tour

This day tour allows you to see the Wedding venue of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which took place at Windsor Castle. You will also get to see the famous Staterooms and St George’s Chapel. From there, you will go to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Stonehenge and get close to the ancient Stones. Finally, you will finish the bus tour at the famous University City of Oxford and get a chance of a walking tour along the cobbled streets and visit the stores.

Visitors at Stonehenge Solstice

Adults: £133 Child: £123

A unique experience of Solstice at Stonehenge…

Summer Solstice Stonehenge Tour

A chance to witness this Paga celebration first-hand from the inner circle at Stonehenge. This ancient event happens twice a year when the sun reaches its highest and lowest excursion relative to the equator. The solstice events also give you a chance to get up close to the Stones as you can experience it within the stone circle and touch the stones should you wish. This tour will take you for the sunrise solstice or sunset solstice (dinner included), whichever you prefer.



All of our full-day and half-day London to Stonehenge Tours involve central London pick-up and drop-off at the end of the tour as well as your Stonehenge tickets. Visitors will travel in a luxury air-conditioned coach with a knowledgeable guide to assist them on their tour of the best attractions in the UK. Often it’s an early start, so you want to travel comfortably; many coaches include free Wi-Fi to keep in touch during the journeys, look up what’s to come or share your experiences online. You don’t need to worry about parking far away at Stonehenge either when travelling on one of our luxury coaches as the coach parks near the main car part and just a short walk to the award-winning visitor centre and main entrance.

Premium Tours Coach
All our Stonehenge tours are on a luxury coach where you can get up close to the stone circle.

What People are Saying about our Tours

These are just a few examples of customer tour reviews given by customers who have taken one of the Stonehenge Tours from London. Of course, don’t forget, if you have your own transport to pick up discount Stonehenge tickets on the day online.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Great tour guide
Good tour guide with reasonably priced tickets because all the entries are included (Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Roman Baths). Most importantly, their pick-up services from London was excellent. The tour guide was very experienced.
Paul Yee Lui
Hong Kong
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Fun and Informative
The day trip from London and visit to Stonehenge and the inner circle was exactly what I was looking for – the coach was very comfortable, and the timing ran smoothly with no delay. My family loved every part of the tour.
Fabio P
Torino, Italy

Planning Your Stonehenge Tour

When is the best time to visit Stonehenge?

The best time to visit Stonehenge largely depends on personal preferences and the kind of experience one seeks. However, many travellers find that spring and summer, from April to September, offer the most favourable conditions. During these months, the weather is generally milder, and the longer daylight hours provide ample time to explore the iconic site. Additionally, the lush greenery and blooming flowers enhance the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape. Summer solstice in June is particularly popular, as it aligns with the ancient stones and draws crowds for a unique, spiritual experience. Alternatively, if you prefer a quieter visit with fewer tourists, the shoulder seasons of late autumn and early spring may be ideal. Regardless of the time you choose, Stonehenge’s mystique and historical significance make it a captivating destination year-round.

What should I bring on my Stonehenge tour?

When preparing for a Stonehenge tour, it’s essential to pack sensibly to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Begin with weather-appropriate clothing, considering the often unpredictable English weather. Layering is key, as temperatures can vary, and having a waterproof jacket is advisable. Comfortable walking shoes are a must, as the terrain around Stonehenge can be uneven. Bringing a hat and sunscreen is advisable during sunnier days to protect against the elements. Don’t forget to take a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated, a camera (and battery) to capture the mesmerizing scenery and any necessary personal items. If you plan on exploring the interiors of nearby attractions like Windsor Castle or the Roman Baths, check if they have specific requirements for visitors. Lastly, a guidebook or map can be handy for additional insights into the history and significance of Stonehenge and its surroundings. Overall, a well-prepared visitor is better equipped to fully appreciate the wonders of this ancient and iconic site. You will also need to bring some food with you or money to purchase food along the way – there is a cafe at the visitor centre!

Which provider do you use for your Stonehenge Tours?

We are proud to partner with Premium Tours as our exclusive Stonehenge tour provider, offering our customers unparalleled experiences at discounted rates. Premium Tours has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the realm of guided tours, providing our visitors with a seamless blend of luxury and cultural exploration. Renowned for their state-of-the-art luxury coaches equipped with onboard WiFi, Premium Tours ensures a comfortable and connected journey from London to Stonehenge. The central London pick-up and drop-off locations further enhance the convenience of our tours. By collaborating with Premium Tours, we extend the opportunity for our customers to explore beyond Stonehenge, with the option to combine their visit with other iconic destinations like Windsor Castle, the Roman Baths, and Oxford. This partnership allows us to offer an enriching, well-rounded experience that goes beyond expectations, making Premium Tours the ideal choice for those seeking a memorable and discounted adventure to the historic marvel of Stonehenge.

Common questions when considering one of our tours

Can you visit 2 or 3 attractions and Stonehenge in a day? Is it too much?

This is a common question for people considering one of the multi-stop Stonehenge tours many leading sightseeing tour providers provide. Generally, people like visiting Stonehenge as a stop while seeing cities such as Bath, Windsor and Oxford and are happy with just an hour at Stonehenge as a break. Some people say an hour is enough; others want 4 or 5 hours. It all depends on you and the other cities you are seeing. People also often use these tours as a taster to get a feel for a town and then know whether to go back another time for a more extended visit or not.

Some visitors with their own transport will just purchase tickets for Stonehenge and see that in the morning and a quick walk around the Stonehenge Visitor Centre before then also purchasing tickets for Windsor Castle online and head over there for the afternoon and evening. That way, you can spend more time at these attractions while also not limiting yourself, and there is plenty to see and do in Windsor and some lovely restaurants and cafes.

Are there free tours of Stonehenge?

Unfortunately, you cannot get up close to Stonehenge without either purchasing Stonehenge tickets or taking an organised Stonehenge tour bus. However, if you are happy to visit Stonehenge from afar, then look at our article about how to visit Stonehenge for free. Many visitors will also drive to Stonehenge and park in the car park and take one of the many walks around Stonehenge across the Salisbury plain. However, if you choose this you wont get to see one of the leading UNESCO World Heritage Sites or learn about the history with the amazing Stonehenge Visitor Centre experience.

How long is the journey from London to Stonehenge by bus?

The journey is approximately 90 minutes by bus to Stonehenge from the centre of London pick-up point. It can take longer depending on traffic conditions and the time of year, but generally, 90 minutes is a good indicator. If you have your own transport, then it is quicker to get to Stonehenge directly, and you can find more information here.

Can I purchase Stonehenge tickets separately?

While it is possible to purchase Stonehenge tickets independently and make your way to the site, opting for a guided tour can offer several advantages. Joining a tour provides convenient transportation from central London and valuable insights from knowledgeable guides who share the rich history and mysteries surrounding Stonehenge. Our partnership with Premium Tours also ensures a seamless and comfortable journey aboard luxury coaches equipped with WiFi. For those looking to maximize their visit, our discounted tours go beyond Stonehenge, allowing them to explore other iconic destinations like Windsor Castle, the Roman Baths, and Oxford. However, purchasing individual Stonehenge tickets is a viable option if you prefer a self-guided experience and have your own means of transportation. Ultimately, the choice between a tour and independent exploration depends on your preferences for convenience, information, and the overall experience you seek.

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