Stonehenge Visitor Centre

This is where people learn about the History of Stonehenge, the myths, and the facts while also visiting the world famous stone circle. The new visitor centre features interesting and ancient artefacts that will transport you back in time and really bring to life the story that surrounds the mystery of Stonehenge. 

There are artefacts and multi-media displays that will bring to life the evolution of this ancient wonder and will help you learn easily and enjoyably. One of the most popular tours is an audio-visual 360-degree tour that will take you (virtually) inside the stones. Outside the centre are Neolithic Houses where you can get a feel for how people lived 1000’s of years ago and how advanced they were back in that time!

Around the visitor centre is also a large café, changing rooms, and a well-stocked gift shop for any Stonehenge memorabilia you would like to purchase. The visitor centre and Stonehenge is also very disabled friendly to enable an enjoyable experience for all and the car park is just a short walk away from the centre.

A shot of the Neolithic homes and also the Visitor Centre in the background

When did the visitor centre open to the public?

The Stonehenge visitor centre opened on the 17th of December 2013 in partnership with the National Trust. It opened with over 250 archaeological treasures and came at the cost of £27m. It’s a constant work in progress, so there is definitely more to come.

Can you see Stonehenge from the visitor centre?

Yes, you can see Stonehenge, although it’s still approx. a 1.7 mile walk from the centre to the Stones. 

Is it free to enter the visitor centre?

Yes, you need to have a fully paid Stonehenge ticket to enter the Visitor Centre, you don’t need a ticket to enter the café or shop and during off peak times its free to park in the car park at Stonehenge.

Where is the Stonehenge Exhibition?

The Stonehenge Exhibition is located in the Visitor Centre at Stonehenge, there are over 250 archaeological objects from thousands of years ago on display. Occasionally, the British Museum also puts on exhibitions in London but generally the one at Stonehenge is the main place to see everything together while also seeing the Stones themselves.

How much did the Visitor Centre cost?

The visitor centre cost a total of £27m in 2013. The idea of a visitor centre first came about in 1927, however, it took almost 90 years for it to become a reality. Prior to the visitor centre being there, Stonehenge was still seeing about 1m visitors every year. However, now there is a suitable place to visit, have lunch and learn about the history of the famous Stones.

Top 5 things to see at the Visitor Centre

The Stonehenge Exhibition

You will get a chance to see over 250 ancient archaeological objects that were found during the time of excavation at Stonehenge. These are all on display for visitors to see, along with helpful information to help bring to life the story of how people lived at the time of Stonehenge’s inception.

The 360-degree experience

This is a fascinating audio-visual exploration of the seasons that pass through Stonehenge from inside the stone circle. It’s a popular item, particularly for children who visit Stonehenge.

The Special Exhibition

This changes depending on when you are visiting; however, the exhibition often brings new artefacts that show the relationship of Stonehenge with other ancient people and traditions from across the world. For example, the most recent collection was about Stonehenge and Jomon Japan.

Neolithic Living and Houses

You will get a chance to see and walk into replicas of neolithic houses. Get to see and feel how people lived over 4,500 years ago.

Stonehenge Gift Shop and Cafe

The gift shop is hugely popular with all sorts of gifts, from clothes to magnets, to give you the perfect memorabilia of your time at Stonehenge.

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