Is Avebury Better Than Stonehenge?

There is often a lot of online debate about the better attraction between Stonehenge and Avebury. They are quite similar in terms of being rock formations, but they are set up quite differently and both are ancient. However, it is actually Avebury that is older and the history and facts about Avebury are very similar to Stonehenge and just as intriguing.

Avebury stones up close - something you cannot do easily at Stonehenge
A wonderful picture of Avebury taken up close on a recent visit

Is Avebury larger than Stonehenge?

The main stone circle at Avebury is in fact the largest stone circle in the world. Avebury has approx. 100 stones while Stonehenge has much less and it measures about 330m across – so far wider than Stonehenge which is more condensed. 

Why do some people prefer Avebury to Stonehenge?

There are two key benefits of Avebury over Stonehenge, one is that seeing Avebury is free, and the other is that you can touch the stones at Avebury whereas at Stonehenge you cannot unless you are on a private access tour. Avebury is also generally quieter than Stonehenge as it is far less popular – for some people that is a plus! Many people don’t know that there is also a pub inside the circle at Avebury. 

Why do some people prefer Stonehenge to Avebury?

The whole visitor experience at Stonehenge is far superior, the visitor centre gives a rich overview of the history of Stonehenge and what life was like. Whereas with Avebury, you just have the rocks in the fields. You also have restaurants and facilities at Stonehenge which make for a more relaxing experience, whereas at Avebury it’s a far basic setup. With Stonehenge as well all the rocks are in relatively close formation, whereas with Avebury the rocks are far more spread out and some people don’t like it so much. 

Avebury Stone Circle from the air
Aveybury Stone Circle was found by aerial photo

Is Avebury or Stonehenge more accessible?

Stonehenge is more accessible for those with difficulty walking due to the pathway around the Stones and the setup across the whole site. Avebury is not set up so well and the stones are near to the roads, which means it can be a little tricky with young children. There are also limited facilities at Avebury, suggesting that accessibility at Stonehenge is much better for people in wheelchairs.

Is Avebury more expensive to visit than Stonehenge?

Avebury is cheaper than if you were to visit Stonehenge. One of the key benefits to visiting Avebury is that getting up close to the Stones is free, whereas to get closer to the Stones at Stonehenge, there is a cost and also it’s only on very rare occasions that you can get up and touch the Stones at Stonehenge. However, there is a fee at Avebury if you are travelling by car as you need to pay for car parking which can range between £7 and £10 a day depending on the time of year you go.

How far away from Stonehenge is Avebury?

Stonehenge is not far from Avebury at all; Avebury is just 24 miles north of Stonehenge and is approximately 45 minutes drive by car. It is a popular destination for visitors to Stonehenge to visit on the same day, especially given that it is free (except for car parking) and you can touch the stones at Avebury. One great idea is to visit one then stop by one of the many pubs near to Stonehenge and then visit the other.

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