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If you want to visit Stonehenge, but do not want to spend the whole day there, then have no fear; there are plenty of other attractions around the area to keep all the family entertained. 

Many visitors to Stonehenge will arrive at the car park, buy their tickets on the gate and then head to the shuttle bus for the short journey to the ancient Stones. Once they have spent approximately half an hour there, they will head back on the shuttle bus and then see the exhibition at the famous visitor centre before then having some refreshments in the cafe, visiting the famous gift shop and then heading to the car park to head home. All in all, it will take approximately a couple of hours. 

So if you are taking the day to travel from London or elsewhere in the UK to visit the famous prehistoric monument that is Stonehenge, you will probably want to see some other popular attractions in the area, perhaps the Wiltshire Museum. The attractions listed below aren’t all historical, and some are nearby Stonehenge while others are much further. So it all depends on what you are looking for; we hope you enjoy the list, and if you have any recommendations, please let us know.

Quad Biking
Quad biking and go-karting are some of the fun things to do near Stonehenge
One of the popular places to visit when seeing Stonehenge is Woodhenge

Number 1 – The Historical Site Of Woodhenge

Distance from Stonehenge: 5 miles or about a 10-minute drive.

Woodhenge is a much smaller (in terms of height) wooden monument with much of the same origins and hallmarks of Stonehenge – instead of a stone circle, you have a wooden circle. While it is a similar age to Stonehenge, it was only found about 100 years ago during the war when aerial pictures taken by a plane saw unusual rings in the fields and once cleared, small wooden monuments were found. 

With it being only a short distance from Stonehenge and free, we think a visit to Woodhenge is an excellent attraction to see while also visiting Stonehenge. 

Avebury is a popular attraction and just like Stonehenge

Number 2 – The National Trust Monument Of Avebury

Distance from Stonehenge: 24 miles or about a 40-minute drive.

Avebury is another Stonehenge-like attraction; in fact, it’s bigger than Stonehenge and has the largest stone circle in the world. Slightly different to Woodhenge, you have to pay to see this attraction although it is much cheaper than Stonehenge and what you pay for is the car parking. You can also touch the Stones at Avebury, which, as I am sure you know by now, you cannot do at Stonehenge unless you are on a special access tour or visiting the solstice at Stonehenge

Number 3 – Visit The Animals At Longleat Safari Park

Distance from Stonehenge: 18 miles or about 30 minutes drive

Not everyone will want to spend the day visiting ancient monuments. So, Longleat is great for people who want to see some history at Stonehenge but then go and have some fun with animals in their car. The great thing about Longleat is that you drive in your car around the safari park and you will see Lions, tigers, giraffes and so much more. It’s the ideal place for families with children who love to see animals up close; they also have some great places for kids to play around in and all the usual places for refreshments.

Number 4 – Tour The Aircraft At The Army Flying Museum

Distance from Stonehenge: 16 miles or 20 minutes drive.

This is an excellent place for all ages. You will find out about the history of flying with the British Army. You will see over 35 aircraft types, including fixed wing and rotary. You will see old spitfires, the uniforms the service men and women wore, and many of the operations the aircraft were used in from D-Day to The Balkans. There are so many wonderful items on display that will bring this experience to life, and there is also a restaurant and kids’ learning area.

Number 5 – See Salisbury Cathedral And The Tallest Spire In Britain

Distance from Stonehenge: 9 miles or 20 minutes drive

Many visitors to Stonehenge will often combine it with a tour of Salisbury and, therefore, Salisbury Cathedral. Being just a short drive from Stonehenge, it’s a great place to combine visits. Salisbury Cathedral dates back to the 13th century and is home to the English Magna Carta, which you can view. A few little-known facts about Salisbury Cathedral are that it houses the world’s oldest fully working clock and is built on just 4 feet of foundations! For those that want more history, Sailsbury Museum is also nearby and has over 500,000 years of history to share.

Salisbury is a terrific area to spend a few hours exploring the streets and finding some of the city’s most famous landmarks, regardless of how you get there.

It is worthwhile to visit the Salisbury Museum in addition to the cathedral. It is the ideal location to learn more about the monument’s history because a portion of its display is on Stonehenge.

Finally, if you enjoy visiting rural pubs, you must stop at the Haunch of Venison before leaving Salisbury. This tavern, established in 1320, has nothing on those found in London’s nightlife, and the respected National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors suggests visiting it.

Number 6 – The Prettiest Village In England “Castle Combe Village”

Distance from Stonehenge: 32 miles or 50 minutes drive

Castle Combe is often referred to as the “Prettiest Village in England”. It is a tiny village in the heart of the Cotswolds in an area of outstanding natural beauty. It was recently judged as one of the top places to live and work in the UK, and you have to see it to really understand why. It is a quintessentially English village with its tea room with tea and cakes or even lunch. You can also visit the two pubs, have a pint of the local beer, and enjoy some of the fine food on offer.

Outside the famous Roman Baths
Outside the famous Roman Baths

Number 7 – The Ancient Roman Baths and Thermae Bath Spa

Distance from Stonehenge: 33 miles or 50 minutes drive

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bath is a popular city for people to visit while also seeing Stonehenge. It is approximately an hour away and is easy to get to with great parking in the centre to allow for easy walking around. While in Bath, you will want to visit the Roman Baths, where people have been bathing for over 2000 years. You can also visit the Thermae Bath Spa, where you can have two hours of spa relaxation with some spectacular views across Bath from its rooftop spa bath. A much more relaxing way to learn about ancient history!

Number 8 – Go Driving At Thruxton Go Karting Centre

Distance from Stonehenge: 12 miles or 15 minutes drive

While Stonehenge is relaxing and educational, Thruxton is adrenaline and physical. Try out this go-kart track with family or friends and go from minus 5000 years to 40 mph in one of these quality and speedy go-karts. It is a different way to spend 90 minutes and means a day out such as a trip to Stonehenge followed by a race can meet everyone’s desire, from those wanting to go back in time to those wanting to race faster and faster.

Number 9 – Use Your Mind At Live Escape Room in Salisbury

Distance from Stonehenge: 9 miles or 15 minutes drive

Salisbury is just a short drive away from Stonehenge, and while you may want to visit Salisbury, you might not want to see the Cathedral or Salisbury Museum. So, this is a great place to visit for family fun, stimulating the mind and body but in a different way you may be thinking. You will have 60 minutes to use your mind to escape, and you will need to work as a team to solve the puzzles to get out of the room! Great fun for all the family, and with it not far from Stonehenge, we think this is a great thing to do before or after visiting Stonehenge.

Number 10 – Dive into the past at Old Sarum

Distance from Stonehenge: 9.2 miles or 17 minutes drive

History enthusiasts may explore Old Sarum Hill, said to be the origin of nearby Salisbury, about 14 kilometres from Stonehenge. Hunting parties initially settled at Old Sarum, which was afterwards inhabited by some of the early farmers. In this location, a fort was constructed during the Iron Age, and it eventually saw the arrival of Romans, Normans, and Saxons. Five thousand years total of human history. The location, which stands on the hill itself, is owned by English Heritage and is accessible to the general public without a ticket.

What is the nearest town to Stonehenge?

The nearest town to Stonehenge is Amesbury. It is located approximately 2 miles from the ancient Stones and is a popular stop-off place for visitors coming to Stonehenge. Amesbury is a small town and is best known for its historical association with Stonehenge. The town has several small museums and also has a heritage centre that offers additional information about the history of Stonehenge. Additionally, Amesbury offers good quality places to stay and eat, which makes it a popular choice for those not wishing to visit just Stonehenge in a day.

Can we walk near Stonehenge?

There are many places near Stonehenge where you can go for a walk and stretch your legs, and all of the walks are free of charge. Several designated walks around Stonehenge take you on a circular route around the surrounding area. These trails range in length and difficulty, so you can choose a route that suits your time, ability and interests. Some popular routes near Stonehenge include the Stonehenge Riverside Walk, the Woodhenge Walk, and the Longstone Walk. These walks offer some beautiful views of the Salisbury Plain and the ancient Stone circle.

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