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Stonehenge Ticket Prices, Discounts & Opening Times

English Heritage PricingStandardOurs
Child (5-17)£13.20£12.70
Concessions (Senior/Student)£19.80£18.10
Family Ticket (2 Adults / up to 3 Children)£57.20
The Stonehenge entry fee prices are accurate as of 1st January 2024 from English Heritage if you were to book full price with them. However, our prices include discounts and full flexibility if you book via our site.

Important Information

The above Stonehenge ticket prices are if you want to book tickets on the day directly at Stonehenge with English Heritage. However, you can pre-book discount Stonehenge tickets on the day (subject to availability) or prior to travel with other suppliers, which we can recommend. Many of these providers also offer a 24-hour cancellation policy with a full refund, so you don’t lose out if your plans change.

Stonehenge is open every day, except for Christmas Day and generally from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm (however, this is date-dependent, and you can find more details below). If you are visiting in the afternoon, you must ensure you have Stonehenge tickets and enter through the main entrance at least two hours before closing (so the last entry is usually 3:00 pm); otherwise, you won’t be allowed access.

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Do I need a ticket to see Stonehenge?

You need book tickets to get anywhere near Stonehenge. Suppose you are happy seeing it from a distance on the side of the road, then no. However, you need a ticket if you want to get within a few hundred yards and there is no way to gain free entry unless you are a National Trust member. The Stonehenge ticket doesn’t just give you access to see the Stones up close (within 10 yards) but also to the visitor centre where you can understand all you need to about the history of Stonehenge with their awarding-winning Stonehenge exhibition. Don’t forgetting the admission price for Stonehenge on the day is more expensive than pre-booking, and if you pre-book or amend your booking you can do so up to 24 hours before without charge.

What’s included in the entry fee of a Stonehenge ticket?

  • Firstly, you will see the “Stonehenge Collection,” an indoor exhibition inside the visitor centre
  • You will then have access to the free shuttle bus that takes you from the visitor centre to the Stones, a mile away. Many people do choose to walk this. 
  • Of course, you will be able to get up close to the Stones; the closes you can get is ten yards depending on where you are standing outside the stone circle. 
  • You will be able to use the Stonehenge Audio Guide – which is also available to download from the App store. 

If you do pay the Stonehenge entrance fee, you will still have access to the toilets, gift shop and cafe – you won’t be able to view the visitor centre or get closer to the stones. When you purchase your Stonehenge ticket you will also be given the chance to gift aid if you are a UK taxpayer also, this helps give more money to keep Stonehenge going while at no extra cost to yourself.

Do I need to pre-book Stonehenge tickets?

You don’t need to pre-book; however, on some occasions, English Heritage has had to stop letting visitors without a pre-booked ticket in due to overcrowding. Therefore, we recommend that you pre-book your ticket if you get up close to the Stones and also visit the popular Stonehenge visitor centre. 

Can I skip the line if I pre-purchase a Stonehenge ticket online?

Buying your Stonehenge tickets online before you travel is a great way to save time standing in line on the day, and money. Not only will you avoid waiting in long lines on arrival at the ticket office, but you can also take advantage of discounted rates that are available when tickets are purchased in advance. Furthermore, when you buy your ticket online, you are guaranteed a spot to visit the monument and can plan your day accordingly. By buying your Stonehenge admission tickets online before you travel, you’ll be able to ensure you make the most out of your visit and have an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Is access to the Visitor Centre included in the ticket price?

The visitor centre at Stonehenge offers a wealth of information about the iconic and mysterious monument. At the centre, visitors can enjoy a range of interactive displays, exhibitions, and audio-visual presentations that tell the story of Stonehenge and its history. In addition, a stunning 360-degree virtual reality experience allows visitors to explore the site in all its glory. The centre also houses a large gift shop, café, and a range of educational activities and materials that are perfect for families and school groups. Additionally, you will receive free audio guides that provide an in-depth overview of the site’s history, mythology and archaeology. All this is included in your Stonehenge ticket price.

How long can I spend at Stonehenge?

When you visit Stonehenge, you will have a ticket, and it will be for a pre-allocated 30-minute window to enter the attraction in. Once you are in, there is no restriction on the time you can stay. That means you can spend as much time in the exhibition hall as you wish, enjoy the gift shop, relax in the café with some lunch or spend longer walking around the ancient Stone circle. However, it is crucial to be aware that the final entrance into Stonehenge is 2 hours before the closing time (usually 5 pm, so the last entry would be at 3 pm).

Can you visit and walk around the Stones for free?

Unfortunately, free entry to Stonehenge is not possible. Stonehenge is owned by English Heritage and managed by the National Trust, and admission tickets are required for access to the site and go towards keeping the site running and sustainable for future generations. The Stonehenge admission ticket price varies depending on the type of visitor and whether you’re buying tickets in advance or on the day. All tickets (seen above) are for a single-day entry. However, group tickets, family tickets, and discounted tickets for English Heritage and National Trust members are available. It is important to be aware that you will still be about ten yards from the Stones unless you are on a private access early morning or late evening tour.

Can I get a London to Stonehenge ticket?

Many Stonehenge tour bus companies (including Premium Tours who we offer special discount Stonehenge tours) run trips from London to Stonehenge, including tickets into Stonehenge. You can do this as a group at a very reasonable rate, or alternately you can find specialised companies that run Stonehenge tours and bespoke trips and guides just for you – although these are far more expensive. 

Is there a discount for Students or Senior Citizens?

Discounts are available for students with an official student card and adults over 65 who wish to purchase Stonehenge tickets. The discount varies by supplier but is often in the region of 5%.

Do I have to buy tickets for Stonehenge from the English Heritage website?

No, there are many different websites where you can buy tickets for Stonehenge. English Heritage is the main one; however, you can shop around online to find the best price, as discounts are often available. In addition, if you are an English Trust member, you will gain free entry to Stonehenge with your annual membership, which can be ordered from the English Heritage website.

Do Stonehenge tickets include the price of a car parking space?

A ticket for Stonehenge does not include the cost of a car parking space which you would need to buy separately on the day. However, there are not often issues with finding spaces in the car park due to many visitors coming by coach as part of many Stonehenge tour bus groups from London and across the UK. The car park is also just a short walk from the Stonehenge visitor centre.

Inner Circle or Special Access visits to Stonehenge

During standard opening hours and days and with general admission Stonehenge tickets, you will not be able to walk inside the Stone circle or touch them – the closest you can get to the Stone circle is approx 10 yards.

However, special access Stonehenge tours allow people into the inner circle and to walk amongst the Stones and even touch them. These visits are limited to 26 people at one time and usually last one hour. They are often pre-booked with specific tour companies and get sold out very quickly. The special access visits are first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening so that you will see either the sunrise or sunset. Because of this timing, it can be a very long day for people taking a trip for one of these tours. However, because of these timings, it can also mean that you will get the opportunity to take some amazing photos while visiting Stonehenge.



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Reviews from visitors who purchased Stonehenge tickets

Easy to book

I bought my Stonehenge tickets online a few weeks before travelling and it was easy. I even had to change the date without any problems and we loved the experience.
Taylor Broad
Warwick, UK

Great value

We wanted to visit Stonehenge on our way down to Devon and so we bought our tickets on the day. We saw loads, our kids loved the visitor centre the most.
Logan P
London, UK

So much to see

My husband and I have passed Stonehenge before by road and thought it was impressive. But finding out more about the history and seeing the exhibits were great.
Trish E
Southampton, UK

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